LA! Come hang out with me and this freak~ twinsteps is playing church of fun tonight!
what a bright future I had… #highschool
Karate kid #blackbelt #imalovernotafighter #proof #flattop #1998
Home for the holidays #1990
This rules
Thank you god of wind and terror for making it rain avacado’s!
Ok long beach! Saturday Nov 30th! #twinsteps
Hand dyed some twin steps shirts! Much more to come! #handdyed #dye #twinsteps #screenprint
Time to dye

Take a holy sacrament of {FUN}. LA Girlfriend has a special night planned for us.  L.A. Girlfriend Dally Twin Steps (Oakland!) J LITT  (EP sneak peak) DJ sets by VerBS
Suck it rain! I’m smarter than you
Printed golden drugs shirts tonight! Check em out tonight at the night light with @gothictropic @weareann and urthdance!
Tonight at light! I’m presenting a show! It’s @slimecityusa ‘s bday! And @gothictropic ‘s bday! And @meatmarketboys bday! And my bday! It’s going to be a very nice time