Tonight at the night light! This show is going to get wild. Come before 10 to get cheaper entry
Feeling better
Come get deep with me I’ll be taking requests all night~ 10-2
Tonight at the milk bar! My band twin steps is playing with #alexanderspit #marcellus and #strangelove !!!! Don’t be a goofus
Back in the studio finishing up the religious girls record, only a couple sessions left! #religiousgirls #pureenergy #secretbathroom #oakland #justinforestdivver
When you can’t find the case to a movie and have an extra of another one #faceoff
My mom graduated college!! Fuck yeah!!! #1 mom!
Omg tonight at night light after comedy
OAKLAND~ don’t miss this show dummies. It’s tonight at the night light! #shredforeverpresents #slimecitypresents #slimecitydesign
I live among the creatures of the night, I haven’t got the will to try and fight against a new tomorrow, so I guess I’ll just believe that tomorrow never comes
Tiny depressing notes you find in your bed…